UTSE-mp3-All of Day 12.10.2013 – การพูด การจัดตั้งวัดไทยในยุโรป

The 1st General Annual Meetingin 2013 of the Union of Thai Sanghas in Europe and the 10th Year Celebration Ceremony of Dhammavihara Temple in Hannover of Federation Germany.การประชุมสหภาพพระธรรมทูตไทยในทวีปยุโรป หลวงพ่อพระพรหมวชิรญาณ หลวงพ่อพระธรรมกิตติวงศ์ ราชบัณฑิต เป็นประธาน ณ วัดธรรมวิหาร ฮันโนเวอร์ สหพันธ์สาธารณรัฐเยอรมนี 12 – 13 ตุลาคม 2556 มีพระสงฆ์ร่วมประชุมจำนวนถึง 108 รูป อนุโมทนาบุญกับผู้มีส่วนร่วมในครั้งนี้ทุก ๆ ท่าน. Das Programm für den ersten Tag ist am Seitenende ( english)


http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/117.MP3 เสียง Part 1. Day 12.10.2556

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/118.MP3 เสียง Part 2. Day 12.10.2556

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/119.MP3 เสียง Part 3. Day 12.10.2556

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/120.MP3 เสียง Part 4. Day 12.10.2556

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/121.MP3 เสียง Part 5. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/122.MP3 เสียง Part 6. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/123.MP3 เสียง Part 7. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/124.MP3 เสียง Part 8. Day 12.10.2556

Hier beginnt das Nachmittag Programm ( 13:00 Uhr) The Afternoon Programm

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/126.MP3 เสียง Part 9. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/127.MP3 เสียง Part 10. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/128.MP3 เสียง Part 11. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/130.MP3 เสียง Part 12. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/131.MP3 เสียง Part 13. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/132.MP3 เสียง Part 14. Day 12.10.2556

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/133.MP3 เสียง Part 15. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/135.MP3 เสียง Part 16. Day 12.10.2556

Ab hier beginnt das Abend Programm ( 18:30 ) The Evening Programm

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/136.MP3 เสียง Part 17. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/137.MP3 เสียง Part 18. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/138.MP3 เสียง Part 19. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/139.MP3 เสียง Part 20. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/140.MP3 เสียง Part 21. Day 12.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha121013/142.MP3 เสียง Part 22. Day 12.10.2556



Saturday 12 October 2013
06.00 a.m. Morning Chanting
07.00 a.m. Breakfast offering to 60 monks
08.30 a.m. Registration of members for the Union of Thai Sanghas in Europe and distributing the documents for the meeting
08.40 a.m. -Gathering of all members in the conference room -Opening announcement by Phrakrusuttabuddhidhaj, Secretary of the UTSE.
09.00 a.m. Lighting of the candles and incense sticks by the chairman to pay homage to the Triple Gem.
– All members pay their respects to the Chairman (monk’s leader)
– The president of the Union of Thai Sanghas in Europe proceeds the conference as the following Agenda:
1) Subject to be informed by the Chair-man
2) To consider and accept the protocol of the last meeting
11.30 a.m. Lunch-offering to 60 monks

13.30 p.m. 3) Election of the Administrative Committee-members of the UTSE.
4) Subjects to be proposed into consideration for the Administration of the UTSE.for the future as follows:-
4.1) To plan the activities of the administration in the department of secretary
4.1.1) Investigating project about the datas of the temples being the members of the UTSE. and under the control of the UTSE.
4.1.2) Investigating project about the plan to spread out Buddhism in Europe of the Thai missionary monks in different temples
4.1.3) Investigating project of collecting the documents of religious activities done by different temples
4.1.4) The project of visiting the temples in each administrative zone
4.1.5) The project of reporting the documents of religious activities done by different temples to the Council of Elders and the organization in Thailand, taking responsible to the Thai Buddhist missionary service in abroad
4.1.6) The project of selection of the temples being members of the UTSE. to be sent to the authority in the Office of National Buddhism in Thailand, in order to getthe financial support
5) Information of the cashier-department
6) Information of the public-relations-department
7) Miscellaneous (if any)

Evening programme
19.00 p.m. The secretary of the UTSE. introduces the abbots and the presidents of Associations or the delegates of Associations invited to join in Annual Meeting of the UTSE.
-Special speech on the topic “The Role of Thai Missionary Monk in Building Buddhist Temple and Strengthening the Missionary Work in Abroad” by Ven. Phrathepkittimoli the Abbot of Wat Srinagarindravararam Switzerland
-A delegate of Wat Dhammavihara offers the present to the speakerNotice: The main object of the speech in the evening programme is to have an exchange ideas among the Thai Missionary monks, the presidents of Associations (the delegates of Associations), Buddhist people in general and interested persons invited to join in this annual meeting of the UTSE. They, after hearing the speech, may have special conclusion of their own experiences and ideas about building Thai Buddhist Temples in abroad. In this meeting,questions and answers also can be shown.


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