UTSE-mp3-All of Day 13.10.2013 – การพูด การจัดตั้งวัดไทยในยุโรป

The 1st General Annual Meetingin 2013 of the Union of Thai Sanghas in Europe and the 10th Year Celebration Ceremony of Dhammavihara Temple in Hannover of Federation Germany.การประชุมสหภาพพระธรรมทูตไทยในทวีปยุโรป หลวงพ่อพระพรหมวชิรญาณ หลวงพ่อพระธรรมกิตติวงศ์ ราชบัณฑิต เป็นประธาน ณ วัดธรรมวิหาร ฮันโนเวอร์ สหพันธ์สาธารณรัฐเยอรมนี 12 – 13 ตุลาคม 2556 มีพระสงฆ์ร่วมประชุมจำนวนถึง 108 รูป อนุโมทนาบุญกับผู้มีส่วนร่วมในครั้งนี้ทุก ๆ ท่าน. Das Programm für den zweiten (13 Oktober 2013 ) Tag ist am Seitenende ( english)


http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha131013/mp3_1.MP3 เสียง Part 1. Day 13.10.2556

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha131013/mp3_2.MP3 เสียง Part 2. Day 13.10.2556

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha131013/mp3_3.MP3 เสียง Part 3. Day 13.10.2556

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha131013/mp3_4.MP3 เสียง Part 4. Day 13.10.2556

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha131013/mp4_5.MP3 เสียง Part 5. Day 13.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha131013/mp3_6.MP3 เสียง Part 6. Day 13.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha131013/mp3_7.MP3 เสียง Part 7. Day 13.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha131013/mp3_8.MP3 เสียง Part 8. Day 13.10.2556

http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha131013/mp3_9.MP3 เสียง Part 9. Day 13.10.2556
http://www.karstenmartin.de/video/mp3/thaisangha131013/mp3_10.MP3 เสียง Part 10. Day 13.10.2556



Das Programm vom 13.10.2013

Sunday 13 October 2013
06.00 a.m. Morning Chanting
07.00 a.m. Offering breakfast to 60 monks
08.30 a.m. Continuation of the meeting
08.40 a.m. To gether of all members of the UTSE. in conference room
To open remarks by secretary of the UTSE., Phrakrusuttabuddhidhaj
09.00 a.m. Chairman of the ceremony lights the candles and incense sticks to pay homage to the Triple Gem
-All members in the meeting room pay respect to the chairman
-Welcome speech by the Most Venerable Phradhammakittiwongsa the president of advisors and supporters of Wat Buddhavihara;

Wat Dhammavihara, a royal learned man and the Abbot of Wat Rāja-Orasārāma, Bangkok
-Report-speech by representative of the UTSE.
-Representatives from different organizations offer their perspectives (each of them for 10 minutes)
1) The Royal Thai Ambassador from Berlin of Federation Germany
2) Representative of Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand (MS.)
3) Representative of Mahachalalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MU.)
4) Representative of the Center for Supervising Bhikkhus and Sāmaneras Going Abroad (S.T.Bh.)
10.30 a.m. To chant Holy Stanzas for the 10thyear-celebration of Wat Dhammavihara by 9 high ranking monks, and then to offer the presents to them
The Afternoon Programmes (Continue)
01.00 p.m. -Representatives from different organizations show their perspectives (each of them for 10 minutes)
5) Representative of Thai Missionary monk from Asia
6) Representative of Thai Missionary monk from Osiania
7) Representative of Thai Missionary monk from United Kingdom and North Ireland
01.30 p.m. Special speech on the topic “The perspective of the Thai Sangha Supreme Council to the Thai Missionary Monks in Abroad” by the Most Venerable PhraprombanditDr. and prof., Rector of Mahuchula Buddhist University, the Ecclesiastical Regional Governor of the 2th Zone and the Abbot of Wat Prayuravongsāvāsa, Bangkok
02.30 p.m. Conference for a debate on the topic “A Strengthening a Thai Buddhist Temple and a Spread Buddhism in Abroad” by
-Dr. Phrakrusiriatthavedes, Secretary General of the Council of Thai Bhikkhus in the U.S.A.
-Representative of the Office of the National Buddhism in Thailand
-Representative of Member of a commission for religions, arts and cultures of the Assembly of the People’s Representatives
-Representative of Organization of Thai Ladies for Thai ladies in Europe
-Mr.Peter Ernst, the Former President of Wat Thai Association and the Advisor of Wat Thai Association, Switzerland
-To proceed the debate by Ven. Phrakruvinaidhorn Somsak Sakkamedhi, Abbot of Dhammapadipa Temple, Belgium
-A delegate of Wat Dhammavihara offers the present to the speakers

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